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Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine
Gracfully oozing birthing the morning sky
Creating sacred space, rainbow daze,
Springtime haze, pure hearts that never fade.
All of you and I paint this sky

Hello Wood Pecker
Beating the drum, strumming the rythum to this heaven of love
Dancing the dream, lifting the screen
Breaking the truth, peacefully through the unseen

Aloha Brother Hawk
Eagle of the I
Illuminating the rainbow road
For those that go with the flow
The story is bold
Ancient wisdom guides your step
Caressing the best, securing the rest
This is your test

Hola Coqui
Beckon of the tree
Si, we see that you are wild and free
Living limitlessly, as the tree
Aching to be. Be heard,
valued, no longer ignored.
We shall be adored as our
Taino ancestors have sworn.
From Puerto Rico to Hawaii,
can you feel us now?
Listen blindly, across all seas.
I am your heart, mother source, on the prowl

Good Morning


(Pleying without sleep. Sharing my view – Treeality. © 4 years ago, K8 )

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Heaps of Leaps 

That first huge leap… fully surrendering to my soul stirrings, letting go of all that was no longer serving, inviting and allowing my heart to take the lead… shifting my perception to shift my current reality.

What did it take to truly awaken, leaping in the “drastic” way in which my heart so deeply desired? Answering that ache for the freedom I felt was so close, but un-graspable, until that moment. That moment I decided it was beyond possible, remembering that it was actually made for me and seeing it clearly with focus. And so it was. But more about this as the journey unfolds, as I could write a book on this alone… feel me?

One adventurous summer afternoon, an acquaintance (soon to be a dear friend) asked what I was going to do and when, knowing that my current employment/focus did not align with that which I spoke of. What came out was divine, without any thought or hesitation I knew what I was to do. Even a date in which it was happening was brought to light in that moment. Those words flowed like water oozing out of every cell of my being, following with my heart being set ablaze and insight of the actions I must take. I knew that I must follow this guidance…and so it was.

Was I actually “ready” according to this physical plane when my ego was involved? No, but my heart was and that is all that mattered. I’ll never forget that moment I clicked purchase ticket. An undeniable fire set loose inside; the thrill of action, fully stepping into this decision with my heart. Like that first peek of light through the cocoon or the first sprout surfacing to the crisp spring air… I was determined to put my hearts desire into action. Little was I aware of at the time (but was soon to discover) was I had been planting seeds, and this was simply harvest time.
I boarded my wave of excitement and began switching all of my previously anticipated future plans. With less than a month before departure; I gave my employer notice, prepared my wings for flight, and leapt, allowing my heart to lead the way. And where it led… Now that is where this story begins. Soaring into the new knowing that I was fully supported… remembering there really is no such thing as mistakes and my dream IS NOT too big!

me art park janis jops.jpg

This was just a beginning…

Stay tuned for what unfolded next; from Earthship Building, Fiji Exploring, turning Detroit Decay into a masterpiece of self-sufficient creative visions, to all the crazy fun & magical experiences that illuminated my unpaved paths through trusting and acting with my hearts highest intuition, radically.